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Charger Legacy Chassis

Our newest engineered design will command attention on the track. It is crafted for speed and performance.

Charger Racing Chassis Legacy Cadet Chassis Logo

Charger Legacy Cadet Chassis

Same great design, with a different tubing formula provides another opportunity for drivers to compete and win with.

Carved to Compete.

Designed specifically for dirt oval sprint Go-Kart racing.


Magic Billet Spindles

Let the magic happen with our Magic Billet Spindles. Our Spindles are top-of-the-line and custom-machined to set our karts in motion to fly.

Charger Magic Billet Spindle

Handcrafted Design

Ultimate performance and consistency in an engineered masterpiece.

Charger Weld

Wide Range of Adjustability

The Legacy can be adjusted to any type of racing surface or track size. Camber, caster, adjustable RF and LF lead, Ackermann, cross weight (wedge), and toe are all standard adjustments.

2016 Charger Legacy Adjustable Cassette